Log Max 928 Log Max 3000

Log Max 5000 Log Max 750

LOG MAX Specifications
Model 928 3000 5000 750
Weight including Rotator 420kg 525kg 855kg 1425kg
Width Min. 82cm 87cm 101cm 124cm
Max. 105cm 105cm 137cm 193cm
Height to Upper Knife 104cm 113cm 140cm 165cm
Height to Upper Rotator Pin 122cm 134cm 171cm 193cm
Saw Unit
Max. Cutting Diameter (Standard) 41cm 50cm 55cm 69cm
Max. Cutting Diameter (Ext. Sawbar)     66cm 74cm
Sawbar 48cm 59cm 64cm 75cm
Extended Sawbar (Optional)     75cm 80cm
Saw Chain (Standard) .404"-58DL .404"-69DL .404-74DL .404-85DL
Maximum Chain Speed 38m/s 41m/s 38m/s 40m/s
Feed Unit
Openning Min. .8cm 1.5cm 1.5cm 1.0cm
Max. 34cm 37cm 52cm 70cm
Maximum Feeding Speed 2.8m/s 3.7m/s 3.6m/s 5.0m/s
Motor Displacement Standard 365ccm 365ccm 565ccm 1320ccm*
Optional 400ccm 400ccm 680ccm  
Max. Feeding Force Standard 14.7kN 17.2kN 20.5kN 37.1kN
Optional 16.1kN 18.8kN 24.7kN  
Flow at working revs. (Max.) 140 l/min 170 l/min 200 l/min 240 l/min
Maximum Pressure 210 bar 230 bar 230 bar 280 bar
Voltage 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V 24V
Current 14/10A 14/10A 14/10A 10A
Note: The manufacturer may change specifications and data withourt notice, obligation or liability.

* Variable rating

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