Donaren 180/280
Disk Trencher with unique variation features

The hydraulically driven disks combined with stepless, fully adjustable loading pressure on the arms give the DONAREN 180/280 better results on all processable areas. the new DONAREN 180/280 also has an option for adjustable discangle and adjustable arm stopper for different trench-spacing. The short, light-weight DONAREN 180/280 with these new combination features achieve a higher planting level, an improved working result in logging residue and an increased number of good planting or seeding spots.

Donaren 870 H

The Donaren 870 H mounder has ripper wheels that can be adjusted for four different angles to make mounds or patches. Organic matter and mineral soil accumulated by the rippers is overturned to form a mound with the mineral soil on top. The distance between the mounds along rows, and the ground pressure of the arms, can be preset in the new control system in the driver's cabin. The Donaren 870 H is manufactured in 1, 2, 3, and 4 row models.

The Wadell Scarifier is a new, well-known scarifier in our, family of site preparation machinery. It has cones that rotate in the opposite direction of travel to the prime mover.

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